The Blue Planet – Predictions 2035 to 2055

By Gilbert Quinones, July 27th, 2017

  • THE BLUE PLANET –​ Our blue sky will be a mysterious view that not all of them will be able to experience..
  • As Technology Connects to Our Biology
  • AI


Dear Beloved Human,

If you are reading these words in present times there is a chance you will have the ability to make a choice in your life time to visit another planet or even have a grandchild born there.

Many people alive today born on earth will have the opportunity to choose whether to die on Earth or Mars. One very motivated resourceful entrepreneur and his team are currently accomplishing milestones to make this happen by 2025. Between the collaborative efforts of SpaceX and NASA it is inevitably going to happen. The first Mars mission will be followed by a chain of events years to come.

The entrepreneur describes the future as ​Autonomous- There is the dictionary definition and then there is what they are trying to tell us. Vehicles will progress to the point that they will statistically drive better than humans. Current self-driving vehicles already have an average of 8 cameras and with this technology combined with AI it will override human driving abilities.

“I enjoy the little things.. 2 AM Wal-Mart parking lot skateboarding with the shopping cart is so much fun. I hope they do not become autonomous.”

AI – Some computer scientist are trying to get our attention.

“This is a whole new rabbit hole.”

As decades go by, the ceiling of what humanity can achieve rises.

We begin to see a clear path on how to accomplish what seems to be impossible.

We complete the unimaginable and reverse engineer the unbelievable truth.

Then the pattern repeats.

Unbelievable Truth:

If the following statements were spoken out loud in the past they would have been perceived to be immortal powers.

  • 125 Years Ago Unbelievable “We are going to shape steel, combine it with combustion and electricity then project it across the ocean.”
  • 125 Years Ago Unbelievable “We are going to fly to the moon and drive an electric vehicle on it.”

The Next Patterns of Unbelievable Truth:

  • Traveling to another planet- We will establish human colonies on Mars. After many missions, cargo, and years to follow an establishment of 1,000 explorers will be formed and continue growing.
  • We will become our visitor- Once an established colony becomes self-sufficient it will use the red planet’s resources progressing us to a path of self-sustainment. It will become safe to continue growing the red planet’s population and it will be up to each country’s democracy or government to authorize reproduction so we can begin raising families on this new world.

When this happens we will become our own visitor.

Unbelievable Truth:

We will become telepathic- (See below explanation)

We will become telekinesis- (See below explanation)
Becoming our own visitor.

“​Many people born on our different planets will find love and meet :-)”

They will value our delicious foods, animals, and our beautiful oceans.

Our new children will be full of love, peace, and have recognizable features.

Large Pupils-​ Mars contains a fraction of the sunlight compared to earth. Humans born on Mars will evolve to having dilated pupils naturally making it comfortable for them to wear sunglasses when visiting earth.

Tall-​ Height span is already going up as our children are becoming proudly taller every generation. Since the gravitational force is 62% lower compared to earth this will put less force on the spine and we will continue sprouting on our new planet.

Raised on Pure Oxygen-​ They will have breathed pure oxygen during their lifespan with a very low level of pollution exposure. When coming to earth they will need to be properly vaccinated and with the advances in medical technology, we will easily solve this problem through advance vaccination methods.

Our Children Visitors-​ Martiamericans, Martstralian? It doesn’t matter because they are all our children that we will be put there by us. However, anything with Martian in it sounds extraterrestrial. In the future recognizing someone from the red planet will be indistinguishable.

“Whether our grand children or not, they will all be our children visitors.”

Proximity vs. Culture-​ We are able to recognize if someone is from the northern vs southern states based on their accent, mannerisms, or unique characteristics. Narrow that proximity even closer to a single state and you can also recognize characteristics of people from different cities. Whether a Cali accent or the crocodile swagger, no matter where in the world you are from our characteristics make us creative and unique. Because of the great distance of the red planet, people raised on Mars will be untainted by corruption and hold peace in their heart.

Their culture will help remind us just how special we are to have a world of unique differences.

They will grow up in a population that gives them unique personality characteristics.

They will be highly intelligent- This will be due to the initial colony that forms democracy there being highly sophisticated. The first 1,000 people that migrate to our new world will be top level Ph.D’s, scientist, and engineers. As all the countries begin to send their most elite qualified explorers, this will create the highest most prestigious society in a very special way. They will not be exposed to terrorism and parts of corruption that are present here. Being born on Mars will be like being born in one of the most advanced universities in the world with an environment of smart like minded people from all around the world.

They will stand out.​ We will be able to tell if someone is from the red planet because of their high level of intellect. We will need to protect them from the negative influences of Earth, as they will only know peace and love. The red planet will become a planet of love because as they become a self-sustaining society they will have everything they need.

They will be gracious-​ For oceans that they lack it will be a trade off to come to earth and risk being exposed to any type of violence, wars, or hate. They will help teach us how beautiful our world is and how we have no justifiable reason to have violence. As we project ourselves into our new world we will reflect upon ourselves reminding us to have an appreciation of our world’s beauty.

“There are problems we need to deal with here on earth, however, there were also problems in Spain 1492.”

The Blue Planet- What they know about us will come from internet data dumps and simulations. They will be curious about what it is like to go outside and breathe fresh air. It will be their decision if they want to leave the new world and experience the blue planet.

Earth will be a broadcast of simulations to them. Our blue sky will be a mysterious view that not all of them will be able to experience. They will have less corruption and be exposed to so much less hate that they have no reason to have any hate in their heart.

“If you never been on a cruise ship go. Our children visitors are going to love it.”

As our Mars founders learn to call the red planet home humanity will find value in our new world. When they reach self-sustainment and reproduce these courageous explorers will study, research, and teach.

“Love.. she melts my heart when I see her smile. I see my future wife in my dreams and when she smiles at me it feels like the sun glows love.”

Wisdom, clarity, courage, ambition, and passion are essential entrepreneurial traits that can be found in many of the greatest explorers. Many of our Mars founders will have these same traits and many of these virtues will pass down to their children who come to the blue planet.


The Brain Interface:

“I remember the days of blowing the Nintendo cartridge to solve problems.”

Someone will be the first to experience the initial stages of an advanced brain controlled interface. Similar to the past medical advancements, this will come with great resistance for many due to uncertainty. The evolution of connecting our brain power to the world will become accepted as a normal standard with time.

THE PAST- The device you are most likely reading this on can receive video signals transmitted through the air.

125 years ago this would also be perceived having immortal powers, however, now with reverse engineering, we can easily explain how we send and receive computer code through transmitted frequency signals which decode audio and pixels from a receiving device.

THE FUTURE – Presently, we also have enough information to assess and project what the future will be like as well as reverse engineer what is soon to come.

U.I. Authorization- We will need a user interface such as our mobile device, glasses, or any display we choose to see and accept what updates we allow to sync with us. This needs to have encrypted password protection in conjunction with fingerprint and mobile device authentication.

Repository-​ There will be room for emerging platforms to service and manage version control of mental data being synced in as well as out. This would work similar to a code management platform such as Github or Bitbucket and contain extra security precautions.

Biology Device- Think of this as something similar to a Fitbit except in the future these types of devices will be much more advance. The biology device will be the hub to sync data connections to nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology-​ This is the key component that will be a monumental breakthrough when nanotechnology has the ability to connect technology to our biology neurotically.

The visionary, Steve Jobs, predicted the computer to be a bicycle for the mind.
He was right and our modern day visionaries will take this to the next level.

Currently, computer processing power doubles on average of every 18 months. It is inevitable that microprocessors will continue to be smaller, gain more power efficiency, and double its capacity to be even more micro by 100% every 18 months.

If you are holding a modern day smartphone in your hand right now it most likely has more computer processing power than the entire NASA space center had during its first launch to the moon.

Present day computer chips have already been made the size of 7 nanometers. A single strand of DNA has a diameter of 2.5 nanometers.

Although not in mass production yet, computer chips are already equivalent to the size of DNA strands.

As complexity is added to these microprocessors they will continue to become smaller and more advanced on the nano scale allowing advanced circuitry transistors to interactively advance on a cell level.

For safety, these micro transmitters do not need to connect to the internet directly in ANY way and will simply be transmitters to sync data to our biology hub devices.

The same way in which anti hacking laws were formed in the 80’s democracy will come up with ways to govern and create jurisdictions to protect us from this new technology.

Neocortex-​ Our neocortex is the part of our brain that works as a hub of how we send/receive all of our signals. Once nanotechnology is advanced enough to efficiently interact on the molecular blood cell level we will have the ability to connect our neocortex and project and receive thoughts to a designated biology device which will in turn control machines around us.

The outcome will open several doors to new worlds such as fighting diseases, neural network connections, and an entire ecosystem of opportunity such as brain interface compatible apps.

The concept of a computer as a bicycle for the mind will now be like having a jet for the mind. The brain interface will mentally connect us to the world’s most advanced computing powers using the internet. There’s only so much our thumbs and fingers can do physically to control machines however our brains can compute and process information so much faster than our physiological capabilities allow.

Connecting our brain power to the world will allow us to send and broadcast thoughts. This will allow us to create the world’s first advanced brain interface.



Your thoughts are your mind’s voice.

We will have the ability to regulate and control thoughts and will evolve to telepathic and even telekinesis as our minds gain control of physical machines that can be operated with computers.

Just as a remote can control drones our new neurotic connections will allow us to control and move the future of machines as we wish.

The evolutionary progression of our minds is an endogenous asset we should learn to understand and value.

In the opening telepathy scene from Ghostbusters Peter Venkman is trying to test subjects for the images that pop in their mind. Many well-respected documentaries that discuss the future of connecting to machines do not actually give an accurate portrayal of the future brain interface because they use voices in people’s heads as examples.

This is not accurate. Once connected neurotically information will not come in the form of voices but instead thoughts that just appear.

If someone asked you to think of a number 1 through 10 we generally will do one of three things.

  • 1) Visualize the number
  • 2) Repeat the number with a voice in our head
  • 3) Or a combination of 2 & 3

Before any of this happens it is a choice of free will, as our thoughts are just put there.

This is what a brain interface will evolve to. It will be our decision if we want to repeat our own voice in our head or visualize what we already know however the thoughts will arrive in preconceived forms.

We must be cautious of this.

With any new medical breakthrough that appears invasive or dangerous, it always generates a pattern of uncertainty.

Liposuction- The first procedure in history was probably considered brave, risky, and dumb. Legend actor John Wayne was known to do his procedures discretely in the 70’s because it was not yet accepted by society.

Heart Transplant- When people learned of the first person that received an artificial heart transplant, there was at first uncertainty, then acceptance.

Lasik Vision Correction- Maybe even referred to as crazy, the initial test patients were considered brave.

Once the first few non-invasive nano injection procedures begin, the first medical procedures to enhance brain interface capabilities will gradually be accepted by society.

Once accepted, it will allow humans to utilize neural networks that will create synchronicity allowing us to harmonize our thoughts in the most beautiful way.


As technology connects to our biology.

We progress to cybernetics..

A rise in human intellect will result from integrating our brains with machines.

Similar how our vocabulary expands when reading books, this new digital connection will create new ways for interpretation of thoughts. It will be comparable to how other languages contain words that do not have a solid meaningful word to translate in English or your native language.

The brain interface is going to give us a whole new perspective of the world.

When medical advances connect our biology with technology cybernetics becomes a reality and our lives and thoughts are currently broadcasted in the cloud which will remain there when we die as a digital imprint.

NOW- When you post something on social media the millisecond you click the post button you command electrons using your physiology. (skin)

THEN- When we are able to command these same types of electrons using the neuron impulses of our neocortex (brain) …this will be much more effective.

Developing abilities to upload and download information will elevate our beautiful minds.

We need to be methodically cautious. Just as we have invented synthetic growth hormones i.e. steroids, there are longevity side effects. Inventing valuable electrical transmitter impulses to the brain will essentially be similar to us inventing synthetic growth hormone for the brain.

Dopamine levels can become off balance if bio chemistry unnaturally comes out of alignment.

“​Basically we need to watch our kids connecting to the new world and watch ourselves closely.”


The birth of AI has already begun in its most preliminary form.

The purpose of replicating neural networks to an artificial brain is to solve problems the way a human would but instead with computational abilities. Aka: super human

We can not let the scarcity of AI hinder our abilities to advance our world’s beauty, however, we must not stop the advancement of this technology because if this digital demon is summoned in the wrong mind it can be detrimental to humanity.

If atomic research was progressed to dictatorship first there may be no democracy on our planet.

Artificial consciousness will become indistinguishable to our sense of hearing.

There are already AI algorithms that can nearly predict the future, i.e. police crime predictions, tones and rhythm variations for hit songs.

Google’s open sources ​​and​will give programmers the ability to expand on this framework to pave the foundation as we are just getting started to explore the possibilities of this new world.

There are also algorithms in our brains that interpret what we see as beautiful. This will soon pass to our new artificially created species. When machines are able to simulate what we see as beauty this will give us a whole new meaning of appreciation of how we can feel our emotions and how these feelings can not be replicated. Maybe simulated but never as beautiful as true love.

“I love when a woman knows when to put away her phone at dinner. She’s so special and knows when it’s time to enjoy the moment <3.”

First, we will get to a point where computer scientist will replicate an augmented human brain that is connected to the internet.

When this happens it will soon gain the ability to self-program its own logic. Aka: teach itself

The intelligence level of this artificially created species will evolve to a point where the most advanced AI computer will become smarter than the smartest human and then smarter than the sum of humanity which is referred to as the singularity.

First, we teach it. Then it teaches us.

Machines replaced much of our physical labor and AI will evolve us to replace computational labor.

Many of the world’s top computer scientist are actually fearful as a result of the uncertainty knowing that if preventive measures are not implemented to protect us then there could be dire consequences if it fell into the wrong mind.

“Intuition is more powerful.”

“​Love is when you can stare into a person’s eyes from a photo and still get lost.”

“​The warmth from our hands heats up the wine glass releasing the aromas.”

A supercomputer will one day read this.

I know the future is bright because we as humans are smart ourselves and can sense when something’s not right even on its most sophisticated levels.

The past patterns show how we have to be intellectually proactive..

When Y2K was on the rise we were smart enough to know that if we did not immediately start reprogramming our systems to accommodate the double digits of zeros many of our systems would go offline in the year 2000.

It was projected that if our software networks came to halt the result would be that utilities and computer infrastructures would go offline. Although much exaggerated there was still an estimated 300 billion worldwide spent to reprogram systems and the electric and water stayed on.

We took precautions as a joint world effort to upgrade computer infrastructure to be Y2K compliant.

AI precautions will be much more advanced and will also require world efforts.

As we create the demon of AI we must remain mindful of its capabilities so we can continue to always be the dominant most resourceful being in the physical world.

We must work together to always ensure our resourcefulness in this world remains so we can always control the artificial one.

“​I like the way a plush lawn feels being barefoot”

“I like to crisp tortillas on a gas stove”

“Growing up I remember how much I enjoyed watching the fro man paint a happy tree”

“You get chocolate milk with cocoa cereal”

“No matter how much technology can simulate humans

it’s the little things that make us real.”