Happy Mother’s Day Supermom

May 12, 2024

DISCLOSURE: This story contains traumatic details. I am sharing it in hopes that it will help people understand how vital a child’s intuition can be and that it can be helpful for self-development. I’m grateful I can reflect on my childhood, articulate my experiences, and share these stories.

Although it contains some harsh details, it is not intended to be about my father and shed light on his mistakes because I forgave him and moved forward. Instead, it’s intended to be more about my amazing stepfather and supermom. Today is a day that all moms should be honored.

If your mom has passed, I am sending lots of love your way, and know she is with you and lives in you and through you. Sometimes, it saddens me to think we all have an expiration date. I have one of those crazy minds that believes in Einstein’s theory that time is relative to the person who’s experiencing it. And Stephen Hawking’s theoretical principle that space and time together form a space-time continuum. I believe that once we exist in this universe, our consciousness continues in this universe and lives forever. 

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