How does one become a genius? What if you were told that by following 5 steps over time nearly anyone could achieve a genius mind? Would you do it?

If so then good for you because now you will have the knowledge of exactly what you need to know to be on the path to intelligence beyond the horizon of what you may have thought was possible.

Many people mistake the term genius as someone being born gifted genetically. Although it is possible for some people to be born with good genetics for high intelligence, anyone with an average mind (genetically gifted or not) can evolve to the genius level if that individual believes it is possible.

In summary..

What most people fail to realize is that it is a limiting belief to think you have to be born a genius in order to become one. When you learn to reverse this limiting belief and realize that you become what you think about you will arrive at this conclusion.

“Genius is a decision. Everyone has their creativity deep inside them. Reverse your limiting beliefs and unleash yours.”



Dictionary- an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music, etc.:

Sample Genius Abilities:

  • The ability to think of 10 variations of a solution to a problem.
  • The ability to have elevated emotional intelligence and self awareness to where the intuition is so strong they can lead groups of individuals and make strategic decisions based on facts, logic, behavior patterns and common sense to move towards a common goal.
  • The ability to create beauty, implement imagination to the real world and create sophisticated solutions beyond what is considered normal from the average person.

Can You Recognize A Genius ? When trying to spot a Genius, one must not merely just use the definition of the word but one must also learn to understand how to become one. Familiarity and knowledge of a particular mindset in the real world is essential to understanding if your objective is to adapt to a mind of great intellect. To understand the type of mindset you seek is to have awareness when you encounter it in the real world.

For someone that has a great amount of knowledge in a specific category such as football for example. Being familiar with players, their build, height, and weight stats you would probably be able to point out a football player when you see one just based on your awareness and knowledge. Awareness and knowledge about the specifics of a type of person helps give you perspective on the key attributes that make up a type of individual. Genetically we are all not able to become football players but we all have the potential to become a genius. The Key, however, is to know what a genius is, how to identify a genius and then understand better what it takes to become a genius.

Linear Thinkers ( Think in Sequence )- Linear thinkers are generally academic achievers. This mindset is generally restricted to thinking to sequential steps of exactly how they were taught. Although this can be beneficial at times you will want to train and exercise your mind to also be a creative non-linear thinker.

This is where many book smart intelligent individuals have a difficult time. For example a linear thinker might be a gifted engineer but may have difficulty creating effective marketing concepts or an artistic painting. It would be a limiting belief to assume that a linear thinker does not have the ability to think non-linear. If you happen to find you have a 100% logical mind 100% of the time try relaxing your thoughts a bit. You may even want to try things that are controversial or against the grain(some of these things are used for medical purpose), a natural supplement, or try meditation to slow your thoughts down. If your world appears to have limited creativity try taking a break from other linear thinkers and try to add more creative nonlinear thinkers to your sphere of influence to expose yourself to a diverse variation of mindsets. Spend some time on creative hobbies you enjoy that will ignite a spark in your creativity and reference back to the other points in this article when needed.

What you will find is many parts of the world that require intuition are simply camouflaged in a world of logic. When you are able to slow and relax your genius thoughts you can see through the camouflage and see things for what they really are. This is intuition.

Non-Linear Thinkers ( Outside The Box Thinkers) Intelligent non-linear thinkers would generally have stronger intuition skills that reinforces their emotional intelligence. This emotional intelligence helps them to adapt to strategic approaches in business and execute decisions with the knowledge and communication skills they possess.


This is the difference for a person who is highly academically inclined aka: book smart vs a person that creates through their imagination. If you only think from how you were taught to get from point A to C is to go through point B first, this is a disadvantage in the world of progress. A genius utilizes their academic knowledge of how to get from point A to point C by converting their imagination into logical solutions in the real world but it starts with this creative imagination. This is what people are talking about when they say think outside the box.

Average or Below Average Intelligence- Never put a limit on your mindset. Remember you control your mind and your thoughts. The words you speak control your world around you. If you say things constantly such as:

“I suck at math!” , “Why am I so stupid?” etc. then your subconscious mind begins to take over and your actions will reflect these thoughts. You are a vibration of your own frequency that you decide to project to the world.

This means you should eliminate all negative thoughts and reverse limiting beliefs. Once you reverse your limiting beliefs and understand that you have a creative genius in your inner-self then subconsciously your mind will start to reflect these thoughts into actions, since we as humans tend to make logical decisions of what we believe is possible.

    • Reverse your limiting beliefs that genetics control your life.
    • Understand what genius is and how to identify one. Genetics can limit your abilities to become a football player but not your ability to obtain a genius mind.
    • If you are already highly academically inclined in order to transition into the true meaning of genius you must tap into your creativity. Read more fiction and socialize with other non-linear thinkers to give your sphere of influence balance.



You decided that you want to become a highly intelligent clever person and can now identify a genius so now what ? What is the hyper focus zone and how does one achieve this?

Step two involves how to implement key lifestyle changes below that will assist your abilities for setting up your environment to unlock your mind’s growth to reach its maximum potential.

What is hyper focus? The answer to this starts by first understanding its capabilities from an example of what happens when our brains focus power is compressed into its hyper focused abilities. For example a blind person that still has their sense of hearing generally develops an elevated acute hearing ability. When it comes to eyesight studies show the brain devotes more real estate to the processing of visual information than all the other senses combined. A blind person can identify a person by the sound of their foot steps walking and have been known to identify murder suspects because they could identify the intricate details in the sound of their footsteps. The reason for this high sense of awareness of sound is a result of a blind persons brain shutting down an enormous amount of bandwidth that is generally focused on vision, thus freeing up their brain’s overall capabilities to devote more energy to the other senses.

Once you understand how all the excessive distractions in your life are cluttering your mind by simply consuming bandwidth of your brain’s full potential focus ability then you will have a better understanding why these key items are essential to becoming a genius.

Lifestyle Change # 1) Proper Routine Planning- Some of the most successful individuals in history such as John D. Rockefeller perfected routine planning. Discipline results in the mind to have the freedom it needs to create innovative thoughts. What kind of routine are we talking about here? You get up make the bed and go about your routine, personal hygiene, morning duties, and start the day. You need to have a planned out routine of your day as well as a well planned out week in order to become effectively more intelligent. Here is why:

For example: If you lived in San Francisco and decided Monday you are going to drive to Las Vegas, Tuesday plan on going to the Grand Canyon and then hope to get some work done from your laptop on the way, then Thursday plan to head up back to San Francisco and Friday plan to speak at a meeting then you might experience a little bit of brain clutter.

If you actually had a work schedule that revolved around this schedule your mind would be more preoccupied by where you were going to stay at ? What you were going to wear? Is the weather okay? Is the maintenance on your vehicle up to date? What places are around to eat, etc. Unfamiliarity of environment can throw you off alone. The brain focuses more effectively on one thing at a time.

When we take on too many task our quality of life suffers and obstacles from an unplanned environment consume our focus bandwidth.

Einstein understood the simplicity of routine and not wasting brain energy which is why he wore the same outfit every day, he simply had multiples of the same outfit to prevent from having to think about what to wear everyday.

Lifestyle Change # 2) Remove Brain Clutter- Brain Clutter is another word for the distractions that dilute your focus.

One way to relate to the understanding of brain clutter is to try to envision the engine of a vehicle running hard in the hot sun with the air conditioner on full blast. A combustion engine must run hard to regulate the vehicle’s cooling system. If you shut the a/c totally off sometimes you can notice a slight increase in the vehicle’s power being generated. When you shut down the extra distractions in your life your brain works the same way, you get a little bit more mental power.

Brain clutter comes in a wide variation of different forms that funnel through all the senses but the most distracting that are accessible to control are below.

Environment- For example where you put your keys, the dog’s leash, your phone charger or anything you commonly use are all part of your environment. If you don’t have complete clarity of where you put common items you will consume energy looking for them.

Sounds- Brain clutter also comes in the form of sounds. Trying to listen closely on something when there is a lot of noise around dilutes concentration and makes it difficult to focus on listening. Any excessive noise will consume focus bandwidth.

Visuals- The main thing to keep in mind here is how this also relates to how organized your environment is. National Geographic did a study on the brain’s ability to focus on task simultaneously. They were able to determine that everything in your peripheral vision, from the sounds you hear, to the movements you are doing, to what your mind is thinking about all makes a difference of how hard your mind is working. In order to tap into your maximum focus ability you need to clear out the clutter of distractions. In summary organize your everyday life, essentials, turn off the T.V. in the background and eliminate that messy desk or anything that is distracting.

Focusing on one thing at a time will make you more effective. The same way a calm state of meditation clears the mind from distractions is similar to how this technique works. By eliminating distractions and harnessing your mental focus on specific task enables you to go into the hyper focus stage. When you achieve this state of mind the brain can think on a entire new level neurotically elevating your knowledge and mental strength of intellect and sophistication.

Entering The Hyper Focus Zone

Once you learn to remove all the unnecessary distractions in the forms of sight, vision, or the preoccupancy of distracted thoughts in our minds bandwidth this will allow you to enter this zone. An example of extraordinary focus abilities is professor Stephen Hawking’s ability to think on new levels of brilliance into a world of 3 and 4th dimensional world of thinking. Although not by choice and due to his debilitating effects from ALS his brain has no choice and has eliminated all distractions to neurotically control the body. Although physically paralyzed his mental awareness still operates at 100% which in turn by nature allows the freedom to consume his focus bandwidth on a concentrated level resulting in the hyper focus ability to be taken to a new level as one of the most brilliant minds in the world. Work on eliminating all the extra distractions in your life that do not contribute to your new focused in the zone mindset and your mind will run effectively and fire clean on all cylinders.


    • Understand the Hyper Focus Zone and capabilities.
    • Create proper routine planning and organize your environment to eliminate all unnecessary distractions that consume mental energy to conserve your focus bandwidth ability.



Create a mental superhighway of exchanging information- Now that you understand how to set yourself up for high focus abilities what habit do you need to develop to reach your new intelligence goal? It’s time to set yourself up with the energy exchange of information using the Input-Output Superhighway.

INPUT FOCUS- Read, Listen, Observe Anything

Reading gives the mind the ability to increase emotional intelligence, expand knowledge, and develop the ability to think of new sophisticated levels of intellect.

When you read it expands new words that expands your mind to new possibility of thought that were not available before since you initially never had an interpretation of the words.

The best way to catch up to all the great geniuses of the world is to read the knowledge they have published the same way they did when they read the geniuses who published intellect before them. Books are the footprints of many great minds. Walk in their steps to feel, vision, and understand what they think.

THE EXCHANGE- Input and Output- Everything in life is a consistent flow and exchange of energy. If you only read you are only exercising one form of neurotic energy from an input source. In order to become a genius you need to exercises your neurotic output sources as well and stimulate your creativity. To do this you must also take the time to read fiction as well as write out your thoughts on your topics of interest.

The world is an exchanging of energy cycles. To rest, then to engage in activity. A boxer learns to hit and must also learn to absorb blows from the opponent. Once you understand how physical worlds laws operate, under an exchanging cycle of energy. Clarity will then set in to what you must do. Do not solely focus on input sources such as reading as your only goal. Having a plethora of sources without the exchange of exercising your mental output focus will ultimately lead to a limitation of linear thinking. Utilize your brain’s frontal lobes to give output sources of information such as writing, speaking, and creating your own thoughts of intellect.

OUTPUT FOCUS- Writing, Speaking, Creating Anything

Similar to just learning to play an instrument, you learn the fundamentals and then become amazing at something. There is a entire process going on when you are focusing your mental energy on an output source such as writing, speaking, or doing anything that is causing you to restate your knowledge.

Asking a student to repeat and speak the directions that you gave them back to you is the most effective way for a mind to teach itself.
When you force yourself to teach, reiterate, or repeat what you learned it stimulates your mindset to practice all the knowledge it has gained from its input sources. This exchange of mental energy is creating your Input-Output Superhighway.

    • Practice exchanging energy using the Input-Output Superhighway technique in order to tap into your prime thinking.
    • Make it a routine habit to read and write on a daily basis.



When we challenge ourselves to do something different, there are chemical changes in the brain. Ever wonder how so many geniuses have music talents? It is this creative stimulation of their mind that helps reinforce their sophisticated “think outside the box” mentality. When you write a song there are no rules. There is no preconception of what you are supposed to do. The ability to produce unique sounds, a beautiful combination of colors in art and exercising your imagination comes from your experiences and how you feel. Simply put, your soul has to dig it and exercising this liberated form of free thinking forces your creative neurons to be stronger.

EXPANDING INTUITION SKILLS- Do you have a strong vocabulary and just speak well or are you actually intuitive? Can you tell if somebody is making a decision when you’re in front of them? Are you able to tell from their body language by observing different parts of their movements and tone in their voice? Are you able to take all these bits and pieces of information based from your experience and knowledge so that your decisions are the most effective?

Strong intuition allows you to approach a prospective business person or opportunity to be able to utilize this intuition in the entrepreneur world.

SLEEP- Did you know that a large percentage of the brain’s development is done in your sleep? Think of a computer going into defrag mode or a system that needs to reset itself. Sleep is absolutely imperative for our minds to consolidate everything we’ve learned. The mind waking well rested in the morning is similar to a system reboot that runs faster and gets rid of the errors. Sleep to grow your genius mind.

MEDITATE- Absolute. Clear. Focus. Allows you to gain perspective on your entire world. The body reciprocates with the mind. Learn to control the mind using the body and this the key to putting you closer to a state of alignment.



Once you’ve achieved this level of intelligence give back to the world. A genius recognizes that prejudice is foolish and generally lives with the mindset of and views the world as abundant.

Love strong. Take the gifts God has given you and channel it to help others(pay it forward). Your strong will of perseverance helped you achieve your goals so teach others your gift and an abundant state of mind will reward you.

Many of histories genius’ have been the pace setters of discovering what is possible by unlocking secrets to the world. Whether if you become the next genius to prove the world is not flat, or the next Steve Jobs, it is the responsibility of the genius to cycle their knowledge so that the ones that choose to embrace the torch you place in their hands can pass it down to their generations and so on. It is in this legacy of history that reflects the great minds that understand the power of giving back.

WHEN YOU’VE REACHED THE POINT OTHERS WILL LET YOU KNOW- How does this happen? Is there a genius certificate? Do you print it out online? Of course not. The majority of the time many geniuses don’t even realize their achievement until their environment speaks for them. Accelerating in growth and development, promotions, accelerated businesses, etc.

But usually a genius is discovered when other people let them know.