The Theoretic Loophole


By Gilbert Quinones


Kindness, Love, and Peace.

That is my hope for the world in the future. When you look at the complete timeline of civilization, humans are living better now than ever in the last two hundred years. It may be bumpy but with growing pains come improvements.

Predicting the future helps us to gain clarity on what to expect next. It also allows others to read these studies and innovate which greatly impacts the ability to progress humanity.

It is my deepest desire that when reading this you are intellectually stimulated and motivated to help collective consciousness bring new ideas, kindness, love, and peace to the world.

Thank you for reading. 



– What would you tell the world if you had a near sudden death experience right now?

– Religion is Love that words sometimes can not explain

– Stephen Hawking’s Predictions About The Universe

– Humans are on a Advancement Trajectory

– Reversal of Aging and Immortality of Consciousness

– Controversial Consciousness

– Uploading Consciousness to the Universe

– Prediction of Time Travel 

– Will Humans Transcend?


I have come to realize that few people in this world go through existential crises in trying to figure out the meaning of life. Sometimes even in my case, this can cause great depression. When I write it helps me to feel a sense of relief as it allows me to unload my thoughts that can be difficult to convey when you don’t work in a laboratory with scientists. 

If you are reading this and have similar attributes such as overanalyzing the creation of our universe and consciousness then I hope this resonates with you.

It can cause you to go through a period of questioning a lot such as, what is the purpose of it all if we are all going to die? Essentially we are all just travelers passing through this world.

But if you find yourself with deep intellectual questioning, just understand that we are the chosen ones. And once you understand that it’s up to you to make life meaningful everything starts to make sense.

I often think about what was going through Issac Newton’s mind when he was sitting underneath that apple tree. The amount of curiosity he had intrigued me. The ingenuity and intuition it took to observe that there was a force that had no prior explanation. To observe our sky with limited tools. To create and journal mathematical equations (because the math he needed didn’t exist yet) and quantify measurements of the distant planets with what we now know as calculus today.

His journals and publications of discoveries captivate scientists to this day. What would have happened if he didn’t listen to his intuition while under that apple tree? I am glad that he chose to document all his research in his writings.

If he was alive today where would his curiosity lead to what questions we should ask next knowing what we know now?

Many of us may have theories, dreams, or visions about the future but if we don’t write, speak, or share our thoughts, they are like ripples in the water. Beautiful but no one is there to witness the beauty while they are happening. All ripples eventually fade away but if we can share our thoughts then those thoughts can create new ripples for others to see.

In the following article, I have written a theory about our universe. A possible blind spot that maybe some astrophysicist, cosmologist, or just a curious mind may have not thought about yet.

I feel like we are at a time when we need new ideas for scientists to build upon. Therefore, I call this the Theoretical Loophole. It is a theory based on a conglomeration of the founded principles of some of the greatest human minds. 

Whether these things can be proven in our lifetime or not, I hope that our beautiful collective consciousness goes on with new ripples in the universe.

What would you tell the world if you had a near-sudden death experience right now?


When The Avengers End Game movie came out I avoided seeing it in theaters or any spoilers about the ending. When I finally saw it I choked up because I didn’t know my favorite character Tony Stark would die and was surprised. His character had so much charisma and genius. But as he spoke his last words and with the snap of a finger all the evil dissipated. And then slowly no words are spoken and instead, he speaks only with his eyes as he passes.

It was sad because I wanted to hear Tony say just one more thing.

He always had something witty or wise to say. It was because of what he said when he was alive that made his character unique. His thoughts and creativity were always in action to help others and he didn’t let his talents go to waste.

It made me think. What would happen if you had a sudden death experience at this very moment? Would you feel fulfilled? Does the world know everything that you have always wanted to say?

The anticipation and possibility of mortality from a medical condition is very different from a near-sudden death experience because you have different durations of time to reflect upon.

These days I can speak from experience of what it’s like to feel both of these scenarios. 

Traveling through mountains can be fun but it can also be dangerous. I’ve been blessed to cover over 35,000 miles through many states in the past year and grateful to experience things I’ve never seen before.

One fun time is on a dark night. I never saw elk in nature. I realize people up north see these all the time but being from the south it’s exciting for me. By the time I hit the record button most of them already crossed the road. It’s hard to see from the video but after they crossed they just stopped to stare at me from a distance.

But there was one dark travel night that was not fun. I was traveling at a similar altitude around 4,500 ft then quickly to over 8,500 ft. I didn’t realize the temperature could suddenly drop from 55° to 22° at the top of the mountain and I would lose all service. Verizon, AT&T, and redundancy backups all failed, even if you have Starlink you still need the mobile accessory kit installed for RV travel while in motion.

No cell signal and even the weather app was unavailable. I didn’t realize there was ice on the road and I did not have my truck in 4-wheel drive.

Suddenly I started sliding. It’s scary because when you lose traction on ice you can instantly feel it in the steering wheel and your feet. It was only about 8 or 9 seconds but it was the longest seconds I have ever experienced because I nearly slid off the mountain.

“sh** I’m sliding”

“sh** there’s a mountain ledge”

My thoughts were…

My son 🙁 

My family

My friends

My customers and ideas

Consciousness…our universe and the questions we don’t know to ask. This will all be lost. It’s amazing what flashes through your mind in such a short amount of time.

My heart jumped into my stomach as my rig finally came to a halt.

“Thank you for not letting me die today.” That’s all I could say to myself.

I sat there for a minute. Talking to God. My creator or whoever is listening.

Those quick seconds make you realize your priorities.

My brights were on and I could see over the edge. All I could see was snow with trees sticking out with darkness far down. If I would have sled off that mountain with no cell signal there was no way I could have called anyone. 

All the darkness around me made me feel small and insignificant. It reminded me of Carl Sagan’s quote when he wrote the book Pale Blue Dot that was inspired by the first image of Earth taken from space looking back, giving perspective on just how small we are compared to space.

He illustrated why it’s important for humanity to not let the candlelight of our consciousness go out.

I felt similarly that if my rig slid just a few more feet that the lights of the vehicle would have dissipated into the darkness and none of these thoughts would be able to be shared with you today.

After that, I put it into 4-wheel drive and drove very slowly the rest of the way.

When I got back home I began typing this article. I felt compelled to say one more thing as if it were my last. I will share with the world the imaginative theoretic principles that have been curating all these years. 

And I hope this inspires you to share the thoughts you have with the world. If you are reading this and this type of content also captivates your curiosity. Then most likely the world needs you. 

Don’t let your talents go to waste.

And tell the world what you want to say as if you had a near-sudden death experience right now.

Religion is Love that words sometimes can not explain

I was only seven when I saw the 1985 horror film, Fright Night. 

“You have to have faith, for that to work on me, Mr. Vincent!”

I was terrified after seeing that movie and that night I was convinced vampires were waiting in my closet when I was sleeping.

Being raised Catholic we always had an abundance of crosses and rosaries in the house. 

I grabbed my favorite cross and held it tightly under the covers. Making sure my faith was with conviction, I wanted to make sure my cross would work. Even though I knew vampires weren’t real my subconscious was jolted with fear.

So many of us were brought up with different religious beliefs. Religion commences the Theoretic Loophole because it has been a foundational message of love, peace, and encouragement to take care of others so humanity can prosper.

The majority of people that consider themselves religious say, “believe”.

The majority of scientists say, “prove”.

Today I hope to satisfy both sides with a hypothesized theory of the universe.

What if both sides are correct?

We are the universe. 

We come from the universe.

We are made of ingredients from the stars (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus).

What if this is one big circle?


 Christianity -> Science = Universe

If you are a strong believer in traditional Christianity and everything that is written in the bible then this article may offend you and that is not my goal.

Whether you believe in all the principles in the Bible, Koran, or Tipitaka. I respect all beliefs and think there are principles that can be learned in all of them as moral guiding factors for human values.

But at the same time, I think there are many things in many of the books that can not be ignored that go against modern times’ values.

We also can not discredit modern science that has been proven because if we did we would have to say many absurd things such as dinosaurs didn’t exist.

To me it is obvious that there are some things mentioned in the bible that are undeniably incorrect, such as the estimated age of the earth of approximately 5,000+ years compared to the actual age of 4.5 billion years.

I am not trying to prove, disprove, or persuade anyone about their beliefs. This is solely based on curiosity about the universe and it’s almost as if it’s a hybrid of beliefs with a combination of science and religion.

For example, Adam and Eve and the biblical story of how the earth was created portray a sequence of events that is intended to explain the evolution of humans.

However, science conflicts with these scenarios because we have physical proof of human fossils that verify the evolutionary progression to the modern-day human. And we also have scientific studies of the earth that give us accurate information about how old our world actually is.

However, if there is inaccurate biblical information this does not discredit everything that was written. 

But I had to ask myself, why is there so much conflicting information?

I have come to believe that maybe it’s because the human authors did not understand the physics, chemistry and biology is the reason why they wrote the Adam and Eve story. 

I have come to rationalize what I believe to be the truth.

What if it was God that spoke feelings that are beyond our comprehension of the words that humans could not understand at the time? For example, maybe he was explaining by showing them how he felt through transferred thoughts and rather than the human author getting the estimation right instead they wrote down what they comprehended was correct in their minds.

Whether you believe all the details in the bible or not is of no relevance here as I think all beliefs should be heard and respected.

I like to believe and rationalize that somewhere in the passage of religious writings it got misconstrued (with physics, chemistry and biology information that was not necessarily available in those days) due to the availability and understanding of language at the time the books were written.

Saw God?

“I can speak from personal experience of the feeling of what it’s like to communicate with God as I believe it was either by a dream or through subconscious thoughts but I don’t know because I can not remember when or how it happened.”

One of the reasons why I think we interpret the spiritual world with our words differently is there was an event that happened in my life that I have only told one person about.

It was 2008. I don’t remember when exactly it happened but I remember every crisp detail. I remember the bedroom in my house. I’m not certain if there is any spiritual or universal related connection of whether it’s relevant or not but it’s worth mentioning I was in a room where a 14 year old boy committed suicide about 10 years prior and only realized the possible association many years later.

I do remember the way the light felt on my face. I could feel the tears coming down my cheeks and I felt so much love. There were no words spoken. Only thoughts.

Life was at one of the high points for me therefore I didn’t understand the struggle he was telling me that I would experience. Nothing made sense at the time. The thoughts that were being conveyed were, you have to keep going. Don’t give up, you are meant to help people.

All I can remember was the feeling of love that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the way it felt. I didn’t understand why I was being told to not give up because things were so prosperous.

And then I was somewhere in life. I don’t remember waking up. I don’t remember if it was a daydream. I don’t remember if I was asleep. It was like a vivid implanted memory that I can not explain.

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that it’s in my memory vividly and whether it was a dream or not it happened.

And it gave me a new perspective on how religion is love and that words sometimes can not explain it.

Stephen Hawking’s Prediction About The Universe

“He always has been and always will.” This is what I was taught to think about God.


Galileo Galilei


When you reflect on the history of science we have a few pioneers that were thought leaders of their times. Galileo Galilei was a renowned astronomer and physicist of his time. He was known for having the first theories about our universe that conflicted with religion. 

In 1610 using his telescope he discovered four moons orbiting around Jupiter that confirmed his theory that the earth revolves around the sun versus the other way around which conflicted with statements in the bible. Due to his astronomy predictions he was accused of heresy and was sentenced to life in prison which was later changed to house arrest where he served the remaining term of his life agreeing not to teach astronomy. 

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking also had a history of being correct. Published by Live Science, “In 1974, Hawking proposed that black holes eventually evaporate by losing what’s now known as Hawking radiation — a gradual draining of energy in the form of light particles that spring up around black holes’ immensely powerful gravitational fields.”

If you didn’t realize just prior to Stephen Hawking passing he was quoted saying that there was probably no God that created the universe. But the theoretical principle that he gave before he left this world gave scientists something to think about. He stated that the universe is like a curvature sphere of time that keeps expanding.

Like Galileo I feel like this theory is before its time and overlooked. When I was little, it was explained to me that God is like a circle (no beginning and no end) and we will never understand it.

If we come from the universe (we are made of the same ingredients from the stars) could it be possible we are all one collective consciousness that make up the universe?

Since Stephen Hawking’s theory of black holes was a monumental science breakthrough and was an obvious thing that no scientist thought of. It’s what we know of today as [SBH=4/A] which proves the entropy of a black hole to the area of its horizon is actually radiating at a temperature. It takes entropy following the law of thermodynamics that it keeps increasing and radiating at a temperature which as it is increasing it is evaporating.

His previous discoveries make me listen. Before Stephen Hawking passed, he had a (I call it next level) theory about the universe that has yet to be proven but I think based on his track record we should listen closely.

Stephon Hawking, “Nothing was around before the Big Bang. According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, space and time together form a space-time continuum or manifold, which is not flat but curved by the matter and energy in it. I adopt a Euclidean approach to quantum gravity to describe the beginning of the universe. In this, ordinary real time is replaced by imaginary time, which behaves like a fourth direction of space. In the Euclidean approach, the history of the universe in imaginary time is a four-dimensional curved surface like the surface of the Earth, but with two more dimensions. Jim Hartle and I proposed a “no-boundary” condition. The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary. In order terms, the Euclidean space-time is a closed surface without end, like the surface of the Earth. One can regard imaginary and real time as beginning at the South Pole which is a smooth point of space-time where the normal laws of physics hold. There is nothing south of the South pole, so there was nothing around before the big bang.”

Although this theory is yet to be proven, if true is mind blowing.

And if this in fact is true, then once again, we may be overlooking the obvious about Stephen Hawking’s prediction about the universe and where we are headed.

Humans are on a Advancement Trajectory


Up up, down down, left right, left right, B, A, start.”

Being Perceptive about the Future

My favorite subject in school was history and I loved teachers who would get passionate about what they were describing from the past. I think it’s so important to reflect on the past to help you to be perceptive of the future.

I predict in the coming decades civilization will get to a point of controversial consciousness. 

I am going to take the time to predict the future but first, I need to give you some context. As you may be aware, predicting the future is difficult. We are tapping into our memories from the past and using that to visualize. And since the future has not happened yet there are many concepts that are not invented yet. 

These predictions are inspired from principles of past geniuses that had some of the greatest minds in our history such as Newton, Einstein and Hawking.

We always seem to figure out a way in life. From the industrial timeline to computing power. We simply keep figuring out how to improve or create shortcuts to make us more efficient.

Certain monumental events are milestones in our timeline that create a starting point for a chain of events to come. Similar to Steve Jobs’ keynote speech during the 2007 Apple Conference when they introduced the first iPhone. After smartphones the world evolved.

Sometimes these milestone events are world renowned and sometimes events go unnoticed by many.

But regardless it’s safe to assume that humans are on a consistent advancement trajectory.

1995 – 16 million people connect to the internet

2000 – 300 million people connected

2005 – More than 1 billion people connected.

2007 iPhone – After the smartphone the world has never been the same.

2021 Brain Interface Breakthrough – Neuralink taught a monkey to play video pong remotely with a brain implanted chip. Summarize 2:11 to 3:05 

2022 Discovery of Nuclear Fusion Ignition – Monday December 5, 2022 the first ignition of nuclear fusion happened,  Summarize 3:05 to 3:52

2022 ChatGPT – In 2017 I realized how close AI was on the horizon to change our world. I started adding meaningful italic quotes of human touches to my writings because I knew there would soon be a time that AI would be able to write nearly indistinguishable to humans. But the deep meaningful human thoughts of a shared experience makes us unique.

“I like the cool side of the pillow and often turn it in the middle of the night ;-)”

There are still many people that have not heard of ChatGPT.

It is possible some have trouble remembering the correct acronym letters because our subconscious may think of GTP (used in many car models) but it’s actually GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer).

Think of it as the first version of Jarvis (from Ironman) as being basic and naive but can still recall and reason providing you with valuable information you request.

2025 – 2030 – AI will be ubiquitous in our lives in a meaningful way that we will wonder how people used to live without it.

2030 – 2040s – Connecting with Machines – This is part of the human advancement trajectory. It’s normal to have scarcity about the things we don’t understand yet but I suggest for people to embrace the inevitable uncertainties and have hope that we will prosper together.

Very far Future – Sentient Beings and Matter Manipulation

Although this is far into the future it applies to the human advancement trajectory. There is a movie scene that illustrates this called AI. 2,000 years into the future humans evolved to be AI in the form of sentient robots that could manipulate matter.

Although a very creative film, I don’t agree with the human extinction part. I think the biological part of our species will never die because even if earth eventually was no longer a resourceful planet it seems like humans will always develop the technology to maintain our species. 

Whether it’s building massive structures that keep us alive in space or figuring out how to migrate to other resourceful planets we always seem to find a way. Earth has an estimated expiration date of 7.50 billion years left. That’s more than enough time for us to learn advanced incubation techniques that will prolong our ability to travel through space time.

But it’s safe to assume, humans are on an advancement trajectory.


Reversal of Aging and Immortality of Consciousness

Are we biological tissue connected to our consciousness? What happens if we could pause our age progression? If it is inevitable that we will achieve these abilities in the future then that has to mean humans will become exponentially immortal to some extent.

“I would have given my life and experienced the most extreme pain as a sacrifice for my son to live. I’ve never felt that way before in my life and if you are a parent you probably understand the feeling.”



Memories are what make us special and unique as humans. They reflect our past and help guide us to make better decisions in the future. Is it our unique memories that make us into the conscious human beings we are today?

What are the constituents’ of memories in their purest form? Are they patterns of neurons that sequence an emulation of recorded events from our past and is this what makes us conscious?

If we could clone our most precious memories of pain, guilt, happiness, and love. And implant them in an artificially created intelligence that is connected to human biology, would that person really be us?

Is civilization approaching a time that we can now soon replicate what makes us so special?

When becoming a parent something happens to you instinctively and you may not be conscious of the mental changes. I’ve never told a single soul of what I’m about to share.

When my son was born, my spouse at the time, was not able to deliver naturally.

The doctors tried everything they could to get him to turn to come out the right direction head first.

There is a labor delivery scene that is very difficult to watch because it shows the love of desperately wanting your child to live. The film is called She’s Having a Baby and I’m not going to share that scene here because it’s too emotionally powerful and they don’t make movies like that anymore.

I was only 9 when I saw this character played by Kevin Bacon in a theater. And little did I know, although the details did not happen exactly the same, 10 years later I would find out what it’s like to feel so desperate to want my child to live. To stand there alone in the hospital, helpless while doctors tried to explain to me that he wasn’t breathing on his own because he had fluid in his lungs.

When I demanded an answer that he was going to be okay and they couldn’t give me any type of certainty I broke down.

I remember asking God or whoever was listening. Please don’t let my child die. When the nurse accompanied me to the room where he was in an incubator my tears did not stop. He had tubes and was connected to all the medical monitoring. They were trying to explain to me that he needed help breathing.

That day I vowed to myself. Take my life. Take me instead and let him live. 

In some senses because of the promises I made I don’t feel I should be here at times and if I were to pass I’m okay.

There may be a time where we as humans create medical breakthroughs that make us have the ability to extend our lives and eventually have immortality of our consciousness. 

And if this doesn’t happen in my lifetime.

I am okay with it. 

Because the love that we pass continues.

Controversial Consciousness


I was a little older than her and she would always look into my eyes with deep curiosity. 

“There’s like… A person.”  while slowly waving her hand in front of her face. 

Me, “I know. I’ve always known.” …


I predict we will evolve to four different types of consciousness in the future.


Biological Created Consciousness

Two biological life forms that create a new born through natural reproduction. That’s us, da ole fashion human 🙂


Artificially Created Consciousness

Artificial intelligence that replicates consciousness and claims self awareness. AGI is on the horizon and we are already experiencing controversial events on its basic levels.

Hybrid Created Consciousness

A combination of biological and artificial intelligence that claims consciousness. THIS is the one I predict will create a monumental controversial event on the human timeline.

All jokes aside. Imagine a real scenario of having to battle a brain tumor and in order to save your life you can have a procedure done.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning in a hospital room and a doctor just told you, “Mr. or Mrs. (your last name) the surgery went well. We’ve just completed the final replacement of your brain matter with artificial so you now have a full artificial brain and no more possible tumors can return. Would you like an extra pillow or your bed elevated?”

And you are the exact same conscious person that’s reading this article right now. This same person that’s hearing these words are “you” but you no longer possess a full biologically created brain.

Are you still real?

I predict when this scenario begins to happen we will be faced with a very controversial decision of how we should treat artificial consciousness and this will be one of the most controversial periods in the human timeline.

As humans leverage AI to begin to really understand the human brain we will first start in incremental steps such as replacing parts of the brain.

Similar to artificial organs and transplants this is inevitably going to happen. And when it does happen does it take away your soul of what consciousness is? Eventually when the whole brain is replaced and our consciousness continues is this still life?


Transcendent Consciousness

The final phase of humans evolving to sentient consciousness.

Nano conscious technology is going to elevate our ability to harmonize with one another.

The ability to transfer thoughts, decode our skills to be coded into another person and transfer our memories sounds science fiction but in reality we may be less than 100 years away.

If humans end up evolving to digital consciousness then that means that humans will most likely have the ability to eventually transcend.


Uploading Consciousness to the Universe


“Those big beautiful yellow eyes. To feel the consciousness of the animals in nature is purely majestic. They don’t speak words but instead use the language of the universe.”


Far into the future, I predict one day humans will upload their consciousness to the universe.

At the very moment you are reading this there are gazillions amounts of data that is traveling through the air everywhere around you. Pictures, videos, sounds, and information all around you.

The words and images that appear on your screen at this very moment are likely to be wireless. All around you at this very moment there is communication energy in the air.

When you look at the human timeline, modern humans have existed for 200,000 years and our human ancestors have been around for about six million years.

When you compare that timeline to the amount of progress we have made in just the last 100 years it is monumental of what we achieved in comparison to our total years of existence of 200,000 years.

When comparing that same 100 year duration of time of rapid technological progression towards the future it gives perspective of how advanced we are about to become.

Looking at how long it takes humans to progress in comparison to the overall universe timeline it is very possible to me that humans will eventually find a way to upload their consciousness to the universe.

And if this were to eventually be possible then could it mean something that we don’t understand now about our universe.

Could it mean that we are the universe?


Prediction of Time Travel


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

― Albert Einstein


The final principle of the theoretic loophole theory has to do with time travel.

In 2016 I read the above quote from Albert Einstein. It inspired me to use my imagination. I thought to myself, if time travel is real but we just simply can’t witness it. How do we make it possible?

The video below illustrates how Einstein was known for his deep curiosity and using his imagination that led to many world discoveries.


Remember, some of the scientific discoveries we think we understand today may be viewed as primitive a few hundred years from now. Some of them will probably be laughed at, similar to how Galileo went to prison for his astronomy predictions that were ahead of his time.

Hypothetically, if we are the universe could it be us that is controlling our evolutionary decisions as humans?

I’m not saying the above cartoon is what I believe but it’s worth thinking about. If the theoretical principles of Stephen Hawking claims that our universe is a sphere of energy and Einstein’s theory of relativity is proven to be correct that time is simply an illusion to the biology that’s experiencing it then, in theory time travel is possible if you were a photon.

Could it be possible that in the future we evolve and become the universe? And eventually gain the ability to shape and mold our world?

Since I have no plans to build a time machine in my garage. My hope is that physicists are inspired to ask different questions about what is possible.

Watch the video below with renowned physicist Brian Cox. I found it to be one of the most intuitive and easy to understand examples of explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity of how light and time is relative to the person experiencing it.

Time travel IS possible. It’s just not currently possible for us to experience it.

Jim can’t go the speed of light because Jim is made of human stuff (i.e. bone and tissue) therefore Jim would disintegrate if he did.

But what if Jim could be a photon? What if we could at least see what the photon is experiencing and program it to ride the amount of light years we control?

If we could build machines to emulate the above concept that enables our ability to see how light travels in real time then in theory we would have the ability to see into the future.

When I think about how long it takes for light to go around the globe it intrigues me. 0.13 milliseconds to travel 25,000 miles (circumference of the earth) and 8-minutes to travel 93,000,000 miles (distance from the sun to earth) therefore we are always viewing the sun from 8 minutes ago.

The challenge to solve pertains to the distance that the speed of light travels. It goes so far so quickly that it becomes nearly impossible to reciprocate any type of signals to transmit images back to the sender instantaneously.

But a nearly impossible feat does not take away that the universe’s time paradox is always happening.

The time paradox of the universe is happening everywhere there is space. When we look at the stars it is possible we are staring at a ghost in time. There is a chance that the star you are looking at could have died a billion years ago because the light takes that long to travel to our eyes.

It seems likely that when humans gain the ability to convert photons to computer code we will use AI to decode a reciprocating trajectory of light as a reflection, similar to how we look in the mirror and see photons in real time. If we can figure out how to do this I predict it is possible and likely humans will discover how to see into the future.

On April 10th 2019 human’s used computer software (a network of eight ground based telescopes spread throughout the world called Event Horizon to decode the visual of gravity so that we could finally see the first image of a black hole over 50 million light years away.

If we can use computers to see some of the most mysterious objects in the universe and continue to increase our capabilities then I predict we will eventually be able to see into the future.

I think it is possible.

It just hasn’t happened yet.


Will Humans Transcend?

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

― Arthur C. Clarke

There is one scenario that even the great Arthur Clarke (one of my idols) may have missed. Since we come from the universe maybe we have never been alone in the universe because we are the universe. 

There are a lot of things that would have sounded crazy 500+ years ago.

Such as, saying we are all walking on a big round sphere and there is an invisible force that makes us stick to it.  or  We will be able to talk to nearly everyone in the world simultaneously.

I’m not sure if saying that humans will eventually transcend is all that different on the crazy level when you reflect on our past.

But I will say, since our military very often reports objects they can not explain.

What would be more realistic to believe?

There are little green men flying around in those objects.


Humans transcend into the future and this one big sphere. One enormous paradox of energy that goes into a circle and we are simply putting our universe into alignment with the love and principles to take care of one another and continue to prosper civilization and the objects our military is reporting are technological observational monitoring devices?

I don’t know.

But it’s worth expanding our theories of possibilities.

And I encourage you to make new ripples. And tell the world what you want to say.

May peace be with you and I hope you are inspired to speak your thoughts to the world.




So will humans eventually transcend?

I think the real question we should ask ourselves.

If time is but a stubborn illusion. 

Then did humans already transcend?

And the next time someone sees a UAP that defies the laws of physics.

Then perhaps we should instead ask “when” did they come from instead of “where”. 

Thank you for reading.