Faith: 7 Reasons Why God Does Exist

After reading these 7 reasons, you may never view your world the same again because you will feel more empowered with this knowledge. To understand these 7 reasons of God’s existence requires you to first open your mind. The mind, much like a parachute, will only work if its open. Don’t fall victim to man’s present naive ways of thinking.

When asked to prove God’s existence Christianity will generally refer back to the bible, however, with the evolution of mankind’s thinking we have evolved to a differentiated understanding which has made it difficult for many. Due to limitation of words available in the past compared to the vocabulary available to man today. There is a vast difference when compared to the evolution of man’s intellect today, almost creating a separate language barrier to the modern day person. The fact that our comprehension of words and intellect has expanded immensely is a large contributing factor to why many people today do not believe in the existence of God.

As we evolve we need to expand our mindset that is up to date with modern day terminology so that we can understand the reasons of God’s existence in our present time.

Reasons 1) The Ant Farm

Pretend an ant living in a ant farm had the capability to communicate out loud and explain what its interpretation of the world is and the meaning of life.  What would it say? He would probably say that he doesn’t understand that he’s inside an ant farm. He wouldn’t understand that his ant farm was built by man. He wouldn’t understand if the ant farm was sitting on the window seal, in a house or on a beach in California. The ant wouldn’t comprehend that he was in an ant farm, in the state of california, in the U.S. or have the understanding of the planet.


This is what man is, compared to God.

Many of us understand that we have a creator because we understand the logic that something would have to be at a higher power to create the world and universe we live in.

As a result of mankind not having all the answers, many tend to only utilize science to envision what may have happened of how we got here through the strict thinking limitation of man’s mindset.

If you believe that God does not exist, it is reasonable for you to understand that you had a beginning. Just as our ant had a beginning.

This would mean that the ant will not ever be able to comprehend anything in its life span because its brain is not capable to receive the magnitude of information about existence of its life form.

The problem today is man has a primitive brain that wants to comprehend what it’s incapable of comprehending. This is no different from our ants limitations, it is just on different scale perspective.

We are the dominant species, however, as a life form we can not put a measurement of observation of what we believe it will take to comprehend what the creation of our life force is. However, once you have the ability to accept our universe as a beautiful creation you will begin to understand that your world is a beautiful creation by God.

Reason 2 ) Faith Is A Requirement

Regardless of your belief system it takes faith for all beliefs to be a possibility. If you believe that the screen you’re reading right now is only a result from a cosmic explosion of gas then it takes a measurement of faith to believe this.


This is where many forget that faith is required regardless of their beliefs in God or not.

Many people understand that it takes more faith to believe some of the theories science has speculated. Faith becomes much easier when you are smart enough to realize that it takes more faith not to believe in God.

In essence this would mean that the people that don’t believe in God have stronger faith than the people that do believe in God. However in reality contrary to how this must sound this is not accurate.

The reason is because most people don’t realize the magnitude of faith that it takes to believe the screen their reading resulted strictly from a cosmic explosion.

Think of it as an illusion such as viewing a magician’s box with mirrors that give the impression the box is empty when in fact there’s a object in it. It’s natural for your brain to want to utilize its natural instincts to believe the illusion of what appears to be more possible that the box is empty.

But with the faith in your heart you will learn it takes less faith to believe that God is behind the mirror inside the box.

Faith is a requirement.

Understanding why faith is required, unlocks your awareness that tells you why it takes less faith to believe and why it takes more faith to not believe.


Reason 3 ) Why People Generally Don’t Believe?

There are more people today that don’t believe in God than ever before. We tend to limit our beliefs through what is translated from the body’s five senses. However, there are other factors that deter non believers such as the pattern of our past discoveries.


Platforms of Discovery:

The World Is Flat ->The Moon Is Not That Far From Earth ->The Universe’s Limits Are ?->

We are on a platform of discovery where many feel we have peaked our boundaries. In reality it doesn’t matter how far out in space we reach out to. There is no part of the universe that will magically give us the answer because it is incomprehensible to us to understand the next possible level of life form.

It is because of histories patterns that has led us down the path to be conditioned to believe that if we keep solving our boundaries we will understand how God’s existence is possible.

No matter what discovery of dark matter that science unlocks, it will never answer the existence of our creator.

It is this pattern of world discovery that has conditioned humanity to fall victim of naive thinking of reasoning, which is one of the main reasons why many people are non believers.

Don’t fall victim to mankind’s naive thinking just because we have hit a plateau in the platforms of discovery. Just as the dog that chases his tail we will redundantly keep seeking logical explanation through science.

Reason 4 ) Because God Can’t Be Explained In Science Terms?

The brain is the one organ in the body that is responsible for thinking in our world of physiology. The very form of thinking alone is utilizing thoughts from electric impulses from brain tissue which is coming from physical matter.


The problem with trying to explain God in terms of science is trying to understand something that cannot be interpreted through the language our physiology is even capable of speaking. To understand the unknown of a different life form from physiology of an organ is simply not possible.

The only result we get is from matter ( brain tissue ) manifesting thoughts trying to interpret a spiritual world. It would be like trying to see the 3-Dimensional aspects of a 3D movie without 3D glasses. There is a math equation capable of explaining every single element in the universe, however, it will never be possible to mathematically explain the elements that make up a spiritual life form.

This is where as humans and the gift of our brain’s frontal lobes have to be utilized to process all the information that has happened in our history. Based on these facts we have to be smart enough to come to the realization that we’ve hit a roadblock. Similar to the fly that desperately tries to fly out a glass window in the daylight. No matter how hard it thinks it’s possible, it will never make it and will keep banging its physical body to exertion until it’s dead on the window seal. Don’t be the person that exhaust yourself trying to understand what is not comprehensible in our physical world and instead seek into the intellectual part of your body that your creator gave you and utilize common sense.

An intelligent person generally understands this logic. What you touch, taste, smell, hear and see with your own eyes. These are all forms of physiological senses we use to interpret our world. These senses are not equipped to see the depths of the spirit world that man desires to explain. It’s similar to our young ants primitive brain with its limitations to comprehend its existence. It was created with limitations.

Many highly intelligent people are clever enough to understand these limitations which is why some of the smartest people understand that God will never be able to be explained through science.

In contrary, science has been the savory of the discovery for man’s achievements. We have hit a plateau in the platform levels of discovery for man. This has resulted in many people not utilizing their frontal lobes of their brains, and instead have fallen into the pattern of man’s limited understanding of our universe.

Don’t be the one to not accept a creator of our universe and fall from the glass of the window seal. Be clever to understand a higher power created something beautiful as you are.
Reason 5) There Are No Universal Limitations- Size vs Boundaries

The largest known star to man is approximately 5,000 light years away and is called VY Canis Majoris.


If you were to compare the size of this star to the sun. The sun next to it would be similar to the size of a flea next to a human. The size of earth next to this largest star would be earth compared to the size as a spec of dust to a human.

Objects in the universe have no size limitations.

If size does not matter in space and there are no boundaries, then why would there be boundaries of anything else?

When it comes to boundaries of our intellect as the dominant species on the planet it’s easy to think that our human abilities are equipped to discover the meaning of life. However, reality is the utilization of 10% of our brain’s capabilities is nothing when comparing this to a universe with no boundries.

Man tends to think that by eventually learning to unlock 20, 30 or even 100% of its brain capacity will somehow unlock the meaning of life. When in fact we forget that the universe has no limitations meaning that 100% of our brain’s capabilities is not the answer.

The 100% total of our brain’s capabilities converted to a universe with no limitations could equate to .0000001 % to what we believe is possible. In terms of size Vs. boundaries that would be similar to comparing our most prime 100% thinking as a spec of dust in the universe.

Simply put, unlike lower life forms such as insects we have the ability to utilize common sense and have to stop assuming that man’s science will discover our creator in a universe with no boundaries or limitations.

Reason 6) B.C. vs A.D. Timeline Reinforces Our History  

There is too much legitimate data that reinforces the history’s timeline used throughout the world. Based on the evidence of history there is too much factual data to dispute that Jesus once lived. Even the most intellegent athiest generally don’t dispute Jesus’ existence.


Once you gain a perspective of history’s timeline based on our past you can perceive the reason the international time line has adapted the display of B.C vs A.D. This is where you utilize your brain’s frontal lobes instead of science and understand that Jesus’ existence was part of history’s timeline.

This poses a new theory of thought for non believers in God’s existence.

If you do not believe in God’s existence, then you would have to believe that Jesus and the B.C vs A.D. timeline was a result of Jesus not being the son of God which would imply that he was a normal man that had himself tortured, crucified, and deceived thousands of people.

To begin to understand the magnitude of what he went through in the effort to spread the word of love and God is beyond what any man is willing to do for the simple fact of self gratification.

Quite simply put, you have to apply cleverness of your deep intuition of reasoning to accept that a higher power many thousands of years ago conveyed his existence to man through his creation of his only son.

Reason 7) Absolute Creative. Beauty. Love.


God is love in its purest most simplest form.

Just as sugar is to the most simple form of a carb or the analogy of an amino acid as a protein’s basic building block.

Love in its most purest simplified form is God.

When you seek out the knowledge that has been passed down from science to the theory of evolution. Regardless of what you believe it is the growing and creativity of life that is foundational to the prosperity of life in the form of love.

Scientist speculate that we are the result of cells rejuvenated from the sun’s energy and humans were the species of cells that had the strength to dominate the world. If this is true then it is a result from love as the natural extinct for humans so we may evolve in growth to help one another.

From the very beginning we have a strong will and perseverance in our heart that reinforces our species. We bond, help, reproduce, and create our worlds beauty.

At times colonizations of humans from all countries fight however, this is a result from an imperfect world. We have to bond together and if we truly want to understand the meaning of life then we must understand the will to help and love each other.

This is why it’s important to believe in love instead of hate.

This is why we must believe in love’s most purest form which is a result in believing in God.