For this article we are going to compare the human appetite with one of our best friends.

No matter their size, big or small, short hair or furry or whether they are sharp or just clumsy, dogs are the greatest. They depend solely on us to make the best decisions for them.













Often times, they will eat more than they should if you overfeed them (especially if it’s yummy treats) they will overeat.

Have you ever realized how dogs will make pigs of themselves if you let them eat more than the recommended amount of treats than they should?

When they get delicious food they just don’t really know any better.

Their poor little primitive brain does not stop them from making a pig of themselves. If you were cooking a big ole juicy holiday ham and it fell off the kitchen counter when you weren’t home would they eat the whole thing till they got sick? Of course they would.

Did you know this is a similar process that occurs when we eat excessively? It’s like we know what we are putting into our bodies is unhealthy and we know what the result will be from overeating.

But just like young puppies, we sometimes get caught up making pigs of ourselves not knowing any better.

The reason our pets look at us with those naive doggy eyes is because THEY ARE naive. We don’t fault dogs because we know it’s up to us to care for them as they have evolved from their wild ancestors into the domesticated house pets they are today.

This then, begs the question. Why is it that when people make pigs of themselves we don’t sympathize with them in the same way?


The reason is because “people” are supposed to know better.

This is the main reason why people judge other people. When we see someone who is overweight, in our minds, it signifies someone not being able to control oneself at the” doggy bowl.” Subconsciously, whether we realize it or not, we are naturally judging overweight people. Not always on the outside and not always in a negative or hateful way, however, when you see someone that is excessively obese you may automatically envision what their life must be like, such as battling societies roadblocks or struggling to get out of bed.

The reason we don’t sympathize with humans over eating is because humans are intelligent and have the ability to access the situation of what junk food does to us, how it will make us feel and what the result will be if we don’t control our appetite.

And when we see obese people it’s easy to subconsciously view people that are obese that disregarded these conditions. That is the reason why obese people are treated differently in society.


So here is what you can do to help. If you find yourself on the side of the fence as one of the struggling obese (it’s okay, I’ve been there too) The next time you are gorging away at your doggy dish with excess dog food. Think about your intelligence. Think about how you don’t have the cute doggie brain and the doggie depends on you as the example.

Utilize your God given intellectual mind and remember we know better.

Love yourself. Love others.
Love is Strength