By Gilbert Quinones

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Let’s face it. For many, life may be considered boring if aliens didn’t exist but at least we would have each other.

I wanted to wait until after June 2021 before I released anything on this topic due to the highly anticipated government disclosure report. Between the pandemic and the media flashing these stories earlier this year like it was just another story on the 6 o’clock news… “Mass shootings, COVID, oh and the government is confirming there are UAP’s (aka UFOs), it has a new name and we can’t explain what they are.”




Peeling the skin back from an orange and eating the pieces whole one by one reminds me of a very special moment I shared with someone from the past.

On another note, I can also recall being a kid biting into cold orange slices at soccer practice. It didn’t matter how hot it was, nothing was more soothing than biting into a cold juicy orange slice.

To this day, when I eat an orange, I slice it in two halves. One half I peel the skin and the other I make orange slices. I get the best of both worlds this way and although it’s the same fruit, it’s the memories and the method of eating it that soothes me every time. Life is interesting when you can reflect on the little things based on past experiences.

How we perceive the world is different for everyone. When we are visualizing the future, we are actually tapping into the memories we have from our past.

Today I am going to take the time to explain my outlook and observation of what is happening in the world and my thoughts as to the possibilities of UFOs. Some days I don’t believe in UFOs due to the grainy government footage and other days it captures my attention.

One thing for sure is that in science you have to hypothesize to evaluate the possibilities, therefore, it is okay when trying to determine the reality to pretend…

Ex. If aliens are real then what is possible?

I feel very blessed and fortunate to have the intuition to see the world differently than most and understand or just see blind spots that some may not realize.

I take this time to tell you what I think the recent events are, what is possibly happening, and the possibility of what I think those UFO objects are that are being reported.

Everything posted below is based on a hypothesis scenario from my opinions and observations. I hope that it is helpful and gives you a new perspective on this exciting time to be alive.

It’s time to digest new information in separate halves. It’s time to bite into a new orange.

Thank you for reading.


Throughout your whole life, you may recall being asked if you believe in UFOs. I recall going to the elementary school library as a kid checking out books with black and white UFO pictures and other books about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

Growing up and always seeing documentaries on UFOs and mystery stories from witnesses in small towns claiming they’ve been abducted diminishes credibility to the topic of UFOs. 

However, due to what is going on in this world currently, it is becoming more acceptable to discuss these recent events as a realistic topic. People are shifting their views about the topic from laughter to more speculation. 

The evidence is starting to lean in a direction that there is a strong possibility there is intelligent life outside of earth and many people are starting to accept it without acting hysterical or being judgemental. 

The recent government announcements these past few years have added credibility to UFO (aka UAP’s) making it a common subject to be covered on headline news and also become more accepted to have a mature conversation about these events.

Due to reported events such as the Phoenix Lights, the tic tac incident, and other official statements from the Department of Defense, this has influenced many people’s beliefs about intelligent life outside our planet.

People have evolved from conspiracy theories about Area 51, to the realization that the government (although it is possible they are aware of more) is just as curious as we are with some of the things that are being reported.

Bottom line, it’s now time to talk about the possibilities of aliens 🙂



Mature Conversations

I remember the statement Pope Francis made a few years ago acknowledging it is okay to believe in aliens. I like to think that he and many religious leaders are desensitizing the mass amount of people that follow the beliefs of Christianity so that it does not create turmoil in the event something is discovered.

I like to envision some of our leaders having discussions about what they are seeing. Our generals, politicians, and government entities that have sworn to protect and uphold their duties. Sometimes it takes people a little time to process the magnitude of new information. Sometimes it is easier to gradually go through an acceptance of the change.

It is my opinion that we are possibly going through a desensitization process. Information travels fast and it is difficult to contain things due to the syndication abilities that result from technology.

Simply put, I believe our leaders are having mature conversations behind closed doors with the realization that they need to start being upfront. They need to get people to adapt and accept the changes in the world of the unknown that could possibly happen.

It is the uncertainty of not knowing the unexplainable that many have difficulty trying to wrap their heads around. Because of this, I know that writing content such as this will be beneficial to many so that we can begin understanding the changes that are gradually taking place.

As we embrace this desensitization period I am optimistically gracious to understand the changes and I feel it is going to be just fine.

Regardless of what happens over the next month, year, or years to come. Life will continue to go on. And if we encounter new friends that have elevated intelligence then let us do it in peace and find the commonalities that combine us all as one.

There was a time that people thought the European continent was the only landmass that existed. People did not understand their world and had to embrace change. They had to embrace the understanding of living on a sphere and newly discovered scientific principles of gravity that they could not see with their eyes.

I feel like this time could possibly be no different. There are scientific principles of things that have not been discovered yet and are still beyond our understanding.

It may soon be that living in the year 1492 is very comparable to living in 2021 in the aspect of soon discovering the unknown about our universe. We must go through this uncertainty period together and have the faith that everything is going to be fine.

We need to desensitize. We need to embrace each other and then embrace the unknown together.


  • Civilization Types
  • The Good News  
  • What the hell are those flying objects? 

The anticipated government disclosure report in June 2021 came and went like a passing moon. It was like a casual memo reiterating what most people already knew the government would say, “We don’t know what the sightings are, provide more funding if you want to know more.”

The buzz that went around about “full disclosure” caused many to overly obsess over what the contents would contain. Even though I think this can be healthy to a certain extent, there is only so much one can let their mental bandwidth consume when there is limited evidence that is allowed to be released.

I don’t think it’s necessary to start wearing tin foil hats and spreading rumors that they live among us, etc.

However, below I have listed some observations of what is possibly happening and how I plan to handle it.

The June 2021 disclosure report was projected to have one of the two outcomes below.

INCONCLUSIVE (unknown)  This was the status of the report and remains the position of the government. There is not enough evidence to support a conclusion. We will continue to research. 

CONCLUSIVE (known)  Sufficient evidence to be official.


Civilization Types

According to some renowned physicists, such as Michio Kaku, we are considered a type 0 civilization. We receive the majority of our energy from oil and coal.

Civilization Types

Type 0 – Receives energy from fossil fuels such as oil and coal. 

Type 1 – Controls planetary power. Controls the weather, volcanoes, and they can modify the conditions through planetary power. 

Type 2 – Controls the energy of the sun. Can harness the energy in the solar system to energize civilization.

Type 3 – Galactic. Colonize the galaxy. Unlocked the secrets of black holes, wormholes, and the universe’s mysteries.

We are currently a type 0 civilization based on the progression scale. The internet is the first early type of planetary technology that is evolving humanity as we transition into a type 1 civilization in the next 100 years.

Although we are currently only a type 0, we have already begun to connect technology to our biology.

Neuralink is just the beginning of the symbiosis of technology that will be connected to our biology. In time we will have replicated neural networks combined with AI technology that will elevate our biological senses beyond our current understanding. Now imagine if we were 100 to 1,000 years more advanced than we are today. Being connected in a form of a biological symbiosis with machines is a very realistic possibility. By this time, it will be much easier to visualize the ability of being connected to a machine and being able to monitor, smell, hear and visualize through an object remotely.

Due to the historical trajectory of the technological progression we are currently on, you can easily foresee how this is and how easily an advanced civilization could monitor the elements and organisms of the universe as it chooses based on their level of interest.

And with that, I predict that is possibly what we are looking at when we see those flying objects. Drone and probes designed to monitor and scout the universe. It is my belief that if these objects are legit, they are observational technological objects connected to the biology of type 1 or above civilization.

The Good News

Type 0 (our civilization currently) contains savagery. We have come from a past where medieval times are no longer acceptable to most modern-day people. We have grown to a level of intellect that understands that with destructive behavior no one wins. 

As humans become a type 1 civilization in the next 100 years we will have improved our lifestyle immensely. I don’t believe a type 1 or higher would be hostile and unappreciative of the universe’s creations.

As we transition into a type 1 civilization, I foresee the barbaric past gradually diminishing due to an expanded resourcefulness of our civilization. Because of this, although there are many bad things from our past history that could project an imagery that we are unkind. It is my belief that deep down into our core values we are genuinely a kind and loving society.

As an optimist, I believe that a civilization that has evolved to a type 1 civilization or more would only be more kind and appreciative of all the universe’s creations.

This is why I believe that if aliens are in fact real, that they are preserving our unique culture and have no interest in letting us know that they exist. 

What The Hell Are Those Flying Objects? 

In science, you must hypothesize and you are allowed and required to propose scenarios such as, “if this is in fact real then it would be x.”

The Phoenix Lights is an example of one incident that had numerous credible eyewitnesses and even some multiple home videos more than many other reported sightings. Nothing was mentioned about this in the government disclosure report. Their explanation of the 1997 incident is that it was night flares but this is clearly not the case. If this sighting was real then my guess is it was a result of a type 1 civilization.

The Tic Tac

…No signs of visible propulsion.
…The thing registered an estimation of 1,350G’s but the human body can only stand around 8,000G’s, etc.
…I’ve read all the reports and listened to all the podcasts.

It is obvious by now that the world-renowned incident about the tic tac created a benchmark in history pertaining to the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). In December 2017 when the New York Times published an article about the tic tac incident pertaining to retired Navy Pilot Commander Fravor it baffled the public.

It is my observation that there is nothing biological inside those objects you are seeing in the released grainy government videos.

It is my belief that if those objects are in fact real, then they are most likely intended to document their findings and study the elements of the environment.

Let me take the time to explain. I am going to use an analogy of an island located approximately over 1,000 miles off the coast of India named, North Sentinel Island home to the Sentinelese people, that covers an area of 23.04miles. (approx. the size of Manhattan)  The population of this island is estimated to contain around 50 to 400 indigenous people that originally came from Africa around 60,000 years ago. The island is protected by the government and it is illegal to go within three miles of proximity to the island. The tribes that live there are still living in ancient times.

During these modern times, we are fully aware of these indigenous people living on this island. Most people have no desire to travel to this island or feel an absolute compelled need to want to communicate with these people to let them know there is an easier way to live life.

We can observe through satellite imagery and other advanced technology what is taking place on the island. We understand that although it is intriguing for their lifestyle to have been preserved for so long, there is no desire or interest that compels us to want to fly down to this island immediately to tell them. “There are iPhones!”

Photo taken in 2004 of a Sentinelese man shooting an arrow at a helicopter


They remain as a unique historical preservation which makes them special because they are one of a kind civilization that should remain undisturbed.

Going back to advanced alien civilizations, I use this analogy to compare that it is my belief it is very similar to the minds of civilizations that are more advanced than us.

I do not believe they have bad intentions and it is possible they monitor us no differently similar to how we can view the Sentinelese island from a distance.

With that being said, it is my belief that what we are seeing from recent events is similar to how we can watch a tribe of people from a distance.

I believe we are seeing objects that are intended to document the area.  

And similar to how we have no desire to rush down and explain all the technological advances in our world to the Sentinelese, is similar to how an advanced alien species probably sees us. 

Unique and preserved in peace.


Below are three topics of discussion: If aliens do exist these are possible reasons why we have not discovered their existence and if we do how would we find out.

The Giant Squid vs Space

The giant squid is an example of a species that fascinates scientists. I use this as an analogy because giant squids intrigue biologists in all fields because they are extremely rare and live in the deep oceans. The eyes of a giant squid can grow to the size of a watermelon and their bodies can grow approx. 46 feet long. But even though the ocean is only approx. 2.3 miles deep it is extremely difficult and rare to film a giant squid in their environment or observe the mysterious life of this species.

Contrary to the observational difficulties when comparing the depths of our oceans to space, it is not accurately comparable. Even when trying to make a size comparison such as a grain of sand compared to the size of our solar system still does not give an accurate visualization when it comes to the size of the universe.

It is so massive that trying to say we should have or will detect any life form in the vast space may be unrealistic.


On earth, there are aircraft that have been developed that uses classified technology to deflect radar to make them undetectable. To assume that an advanced civilization (type 1 or more) does not have the ability to maintain cloaking abilities in its aircraft would be arrogant. If we can detect and see their aircraft, then it is most likely because they chose for us to see them.


If we discover aliens how will it actually happen? Are little green men going to land one day? Probably not.

Instead, I think it would get to a point in time where we have an excessive amount of evidence that leans in a direction of certainty.

If aliens are in fact real, I do not believe they will try to contact us nor will they provide us with any significant evidence that proves their existence. I also do not think we will encounter anything that is going to give us any proof of their biological existence. I believe any evidence we encounter will be on the technological spectrum of detecting technology that is unexplainable which will lead to a conclusive determination that the aircraft is not from this world.

Why They Probably Have No Interest

Pretend trying to explain modern technology to people 30 years ago. It would be possible for people in 1991 to understand what the future would be like in the year 2021. Although technology has changed immensely, people would be able to grasp the futuristic concepts that we have today such as the internet, Bluetooth, and advanced compact computer hardware.

However, now add 100 years to that. Pretend trying to explain technology to people 130 years ago. It would be considered witchcraft or immortal powers. Imagine telling someone from the year 1891, that in the future you will be able to pull a small piece of glass casing out of your pocket and talk to millions of people around the world simultaneously.

Think of that 130 years of technology advancement as an increment on a timeline scale. Now imagine a civilization on that same progression scale at 1,000 to 10,000 years or even 10,000,000 years ahead of us. How would an advanced civilization on this technological progression scale be able to explain technology to a type 0 civilization?

Explaining modern technology to people 30 years ago in 1991 would be possible because they would grasp the new concepts they are familiar with, however, in 1891 it would not be possible because they would not identify with the inventions or technologies not invented yet. Explaining the advancements to people 130 years ago would appear magical to them.

If there are in fact aliens, and they look down on us in observation, imagine how difficult the process would be involved in trying to explain the technologies that have not been invented yet. The physics of the universe that have not been discovered yet. The questions that we do not know to ask yet. The unknown secrets that we are aware of but have not unlocked.

This is why I think if aliens are real, they have NO INTEREST in trying to get to know us or for us to know of their existence.

We should not take it personally.


What should we do if we find out life exists outside of our planet? Should we all rush to go buy toilet paper? Should we stock up on food? Although I predict this is what many would do, I think the important thing to do will be for us to keep our composure.

If aliens do in fact exist, it is my belief they will not announce their existence but we will instead get to a place where there will be enough substantial evidence that conclusively proves there are technologies that exist that are not from this world. We will go through desensitization first, then we will evolve to first acceptance. Then we will begin to spend more of our resources trying to find the answers.

Post Extraterrestrial

It would become a new milestone on our historical timeline.

At the time I’m writing these words it is a warm summer weekend in 2021. When going out in public there is a certain energy in the air that is expressed in people’s body language and mannerisms that speaks a sense of liberated gratitude without words being spoken. Many people have a deep sense of freedom and gratitude to be on the tail end of the pandemic.

There is also a sense of mutual respect among most people that we realize we have been through a great deal and understand each other for the hardships and sacrifices we all went through since 2020. Anytime we see a video on Youtube or any documentary, if the release date is 2019 or earlier, then deep down we know that people do not realize what they are about to go through at the time they filmed. We realize the difference in one’s mindset prior to the pandemic. Post pandemic people have changed forever. I think many people appreciate the little things much more than they did prior to 2020.

When seeing a video posted in 2021 we know that they are different people. Prior pandemic and after experiencing the pandemic. People have changed. This is what will happen if we officially confirm that there is extraterrestrial life. It would be a monumental event that would forever affect our historical timeline and humanity will never be the same afterward.


Due to the recent statements released, it is possible that our government officials are going through a reflection period where they realize there is something they don’t understand but they acknowledge the obvious possibility.

We should come together before any threats of uncertainty.

We need to spend resources on progressing our tracking technology to be more effective to enable us to focus on effective footage documentation on short notice.

So what happens if the government releases official statements to the public? For example, if a high-ranking government official comes on the news and officially announces, “We have strong evidence that aliens are possibly real.”  What should we do?

I think we need to remain calm and not jump to overacting conclusions. 

Similar to a drill protocol we should have a plan.

We should at least think about how we would react and what shall people do.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  – Neil Armstrong

What will be the next milestone quote for humanity? As we approach the unknown we will find the answers we have all patiently sought.

It is now after June 2021 and there is still no credible evidence released by the government, therefore, I will not waste too much of my bandwidth on this topic.

Personally, I don’t need the government’s official announcement to validate and dictate my opinion but I do value it when it officially comes to conclusive evidence, however, I also view this objectively from all angles. 

Finally, what happens if aliens never make contact with us in your lifetime and you went hysterical over nothing, constantly talking about, and obsessing over the unknown?

Here is my outlook on how I plan to handle the processing of this new phenomenon.

It could be 100 years or more before we actually discover anything that proves anything.

Excessively talking about the possibility of discovering aliens, and trying to predict what will happen is similar to saying, I am going to stand on the beach and wait for a tsunami to hit so that I can document the event.

The chances of this happening to be at the exact right time and place are similar in the terms of chances of it happening.

If it happens, I think we should be as mentally and technologically prepared as possible to embrace and evolve with the change.

However, I’m not going to hold my breath. 

It is predicted that by around the year 2045 or more we will have reached the technological singularity – a hypothesized future era or event when exponential improvements in computer intelligence and advances in technology will result in an acute change in human society and evolution.

This means if humans are eventually going to obtain these types of technological abilities then I think it’s safe to assume that if aliens are in fact real, then they have already reached their singularity.

A type 1+ civilization would be able to monitor or translate any form of language. Similar to how we can monitor the way all species on earth communicate. From the dancing body language of bees, to how dolphins communicate using sonar, we can translate the different species forms of communication and understand their meanings.

A type 1+ civilization, regardless of their cognitive capabilities as a species, would most likely have AI technology that could learn any earth language in a matter of seconds. They could probably scan everything on our internet in a matter of seconds, therefore, I have written them a letter so that I can sign off on this topic and move forward.


Dear Aliens,

Please do not judge us by any one individual on our planet whether they are a leader or a respected public figure. One person does not represent who we are as humans. 

We are kind and compassionate in our deep core values although we make many mistakes, we understand where we need to work on.

If in fact, the flying objects we are seeing are really you then you have our curiosity.

When I was in 2nd grade I attended an elementary school in Copperas Cove, Texas. I remember being in P.E. doing an obstacle course. I was 6 years old when school started, always one year younger than all the other kids due to me just making the September cut-off, therefore, most of the other kids were seven to eight-year-olds. I remember getting to the monkey bars and it was my turn. 

I was terrified of heights and although climbing up the monkey bars was not high, I was still afraid to fall. When it was my turn I stood there in fear.

The kid behind me was kind of a bully. He spoke the most vulgar language I ever heard a kid our age speak at times. He said, “go Gilbert, s### or get off the pot!”

I remember turning around and looking at him in shock that he would say such a vulgar thing. We don’t normally talk like that, especially at such a young age, however, at the time I didn’t really get it until I got older.

If you do in fact exist, with all due respect, if you are real I ask you to do the same. Let us get on with our lives or let us know of your existence.

We can handle it.

May peace be with you.

With Love,


P.S. and if you don’t exist at least we have each other. And that’s enough for me 🙂