Failure and success go together.

What is it that makes successful people succeed in life? Does it take being a genius? Having an education? Knowledgeable parents?

One of the traits that is overlooked the most to reach success is having the ability to fail. You must fail first before you reach true success. If not, anyone that has never had struggle in life has not had the experience of grief, pain, embarrassment, and sadness.

Failure is the most overlooked part of life when it comes to successful achievements. Most people ask themselves “Do I have what it takes to be successful?”, but the real question they should be asking themselves should be “Do I have what it takes to be willing to fail?

Naturally, people in general are afraid of failure. Most people will avoid situations which could produce successful achievements as a result from avoiding failure. Just as any performing team in sports must risk losing in order to win, however, they will never win if they never play. You can’t go through life being afraid to lose.

Think for a moment, about someone who you consider a successful entrepreneur. If you know them well enough take some time out to talk to them. Pick their brain. Ask them this million dollar question.

“Did you become successful on the first try?”

Unless they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, nine times out of ten they will laugh and say “heck no!” They will probably have a story about their struggle as well as everything that went wrong in their life.

Failing at something is generally what it takes before true success begins. Don’t be afraid to fail.



When you first start out at something, skyrocketing straight to the top is not practical as you must gain traction first. Take a look at the botany diagram above and notice where the direction of growth first begins in its initial stages.

The beginning of growth starts downwards in the roots. You see most people want to shoot straight to the top first, however, in order for anything to have a solid foundation of growth for future prosperity just as plants and trees start off by getting grounded, you must get grounded as well. As their roots first grow downwards into the earth’s soil you must also sometimes go through life’s downwards spirals of growth.

Without this foundation of growth a plant can never turn into a prosperous tree and would never actually grow.

Next time when you are wondering why so many things are going wrong in your life. Take a deep breath and realize this is the struggle of your roots. The lessons it teaches you are necessary and if you don’t learn from them, then instant success can jeopardize future success.

Get grounded first so you can grow.




The only way you can truly fail is if you don’t get back up.

This is why people respected Muhammad Ali so much. He had a tenacious endurance that would kick in that always said..

“I’m a warrior you can’t beat me!”

If you ever get knocked down in life. Always get back up and fight back. You only fail when you don’t get back up. Learning to get back up is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn during your failure.

Anyone can fall down. Everyone does. Its those who get back up who are most successful.

How do you get back up when things seem disastrous or impossible? For many this can be extremely difficult but this is where you have to stop and think on these terms below.

This is your moment, where you have to reach deep within. To find the energy deep inside you and fuel the fire that is lit in your heart, when you do get back up, you get back up swinging. Just as a trick birthday candle that refuses to go out. You have to keep your flame lit and every time it blows out you keep reigniting it.

So when you’re ready..

This is the moment when you imagine your future being molded and your loved ones as the lighter fluid that ignites your small flame.

And when you think about the ones who are important in your life, indulging you with love, that’s when it’s your cue and that’s the moment you become one heck of a bonfire.

Because of the love for yourself, your loved ones, and all the beauty in this world is what makes the difference. It’s not possible to make a difference if you can’t get back up.

Thats where you reach even deeper inside. And as long as there is still air in your lungs.

Never. Give. Up.

Always get back up.




Just as our world transitions through different seasons this is similar to how our lives go through changes. No matter what season of life you may be at there will come a time for change.

School to career, job trainee to veteran, or start up business to successful entrepreneur. Since things in life are seasonal you must weather through any storm that comes your way so that you can grow stronger for the next season in your life.

By nature, no storm last forever.

This doesn’t mean you will go through a depression every time the weather changes. What this means is that life is meant to go through cycles of events that condition you. If you are having a rough time right now understand that sometimes this is necessary so that you can go through changes that will prepare you for the next season of your life.

You may have had a tough time or bad occurrence happen while going through school but remember, this is most likely preparing you for the next season in your life to have a very successful career.

When you take the time to understand that the changes you go through are for a good reason it will help you to deal with the rough times.

Also, as well remember the things that happen in your life neither define or make you. It’s what you do with the knowledge gained during those times that do.

Sometimes these changes come in a season of failure.
Just always remember that going through this will allow you to grow to become the strongest version of yourself in your next season of life.




You may have heard of the term called muscle failure. It is the pain during resistance training when your muscles go through pain during the final reps. This painful blood pumping strenuous activity in actuality is physically damaging your muscles tissue. The result is your muscles go through a recuperation stage, the tissue repairs itself and grows back. Not only does the tissue grow back. It grows back bigger and stronger.

This is failure. Just as muscle failure generates the result of growth it is this same principle of how damage actually creates strength.

The next time when you are feeling defeated and damaged remember this is your final 9th and 10th rep that will strengthen your character.

If you are feeling the results of your failure and feeling damaged realize this is just where your tissue was broken down. This is where you get the soreness from. Sometimes we have this same soreness when we fail. When this happens, don’t lose sight of how you will recuperate and grow back harder, bigger, and stronger you will become.

Failure is a pain barricade that you must break through.

Never forget that the rough times you endure will make a stronger version of you. It is this damage that is helping your growth by renovating your soul and preparing you for your future.

To achieve growth. Know what’s possible. Then, think beyond that.




What you see on an ink blob might depend on your experiences that you have had in life. This is the reason psychologist utilize the ink blob concept to diagnose patients. It gives them an idea where a person’s state of mind is at.

When you have experienced failure you have had experiences that give you an advantage. These experiences bring awareness to know what it’s like to struggle. To know what it’s like to struggle equips you with experiences in life that reinforces your drive and determination on a level that most do not operate at.

For someone that has never experienced tough times may have never experienced the human traits that it takes to be a successful person. Experiencing failure will always be an experience that stays with you because you will know what it’s like to deal with the pain.

If you are currently successful and everything went right for you on the first try for everything in your life then think about what this would do to your character over time? If you never experienced this pain and then become successful you will have a false sense of awareness of true success.

Our rough experiences we endure give us character to reach true success to receive the upgrades of ourselves so that we understand the perseverance, dedication and tenacity it takes to become successful.

The worlds cycle of energy generally shows there is always something good that results out of the pain barriers we deal with. The pains associated to achieve weight loss, the long dedication it takes to study for exams or the struggles we go through financially.

It’s always the things that require the pain of doing something that generate a positive result in the end.

Just as your mother went through the excruciating pains of labor so you can breath life’s air today results with you as the positive outcome of something beautiful in the end. You must go through your own pain so that you can continue this cycle.

The actual experience of failure may be one of the most painful things you deal with. Never lose sight of the enhanced version of yourself that you are becoming.

You will be grateful for the experience later in life when you can reflect back on your mistakes and learning experiences that will mold your future for the better.




“Why me?” Once you achieve the level of success that you dreamed of, ask yourself “What’s the point of it?” After all, what is the point of success if you have no one to share it with? Our world’s beauty and the real reasons behind success of why we want to be successful are overlooked by most.

Materialistic things on a deserted island would mean nothing. It is love in this world from others that make it so beautiful.

When you are successful, share your stories of failure as much as you do with your success.

When you can show others true determination and how to be stronger versions of themselves to weather tough times it pays it forward.

This cycle never stops and we keep giving back to the next.

If we continue to operate this way then our lives grow stronger for our generations, the world, and mankind.

When you fail, you have the ability to teach others that it’s okay if they fail. And giving back is the true meaning of the ultimate success.